The desire to be a famous partner is typical of the majority of the stronger sex. However, the desire to get such an influence often does not lead to these results at all, which are expected by newcomers “Casanova”.

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Remember the old funny story? The old man comes to the doctor and complains: they say, the neighbor testifies that he is able to satisfy her husband 7 once because of the night. The fact that the doctor agrees with the patient: “Let us say that to you in this way as well” However, in the very, very, very in this case, the process of wanting to please the sexual needs in the bulk of the situation is not due to any desire to boast in front of the neighbor, but to be eager to get pleasure for the purpose of yourself and your partner and try to continue youth.











The discovery of Viagra (sildenafil citrate) allowed the representatives of the stronger sex with erectile dysfunction (impotence) to once again feel the fun of sex. Of course, the influence of substances in the base of this intense element does not have practically no relationship to the brightness of the orgasm or the emergence of the desire for the object of attraction. Tablets in general only stimulate the flow of the month to the sexual organ, filling the cavernous bodies and providing a fairly long erection (3-4 minutes). The main thing is to meet the deadline to make a fantastic pill from thirty minutes up to a romantic date.


Causes unit medication priapism


If who exactly is not in the direction, priapism is a disease named after the surname of the fantastic mixolydian fertility lord Priapus, who had continuous excitement. Priapism is actually present, but the excitement of the presence of a dumb is not at all associated with sexual arousal. In a patient with this ailment, excitation does not stop at all, even after ejaculation, and through a certain period it becomes painful. In some cases, there is a threat of gangrene formation with menstrual stagnation. The priapism factor can be damage to the genital organ or dorsal brain, inflammation, drug use, oncology, venereal diseases, menstrual diseases. Viagra in this list is missing.


Stories about a boundless rabid erection after the Viagra method – in general, only legends. Funny stories about the victim of “friendly” jokes, a drink with five pounded Viagra pills and the days of the main war with an erect member – simply fiction. Virtually no medication can provoke priapism. After the completion of the sexual action, the agitated participant returns to the starting position.


What is dangerous medicine at the very fact


It is certainly attractive to entrust the pharmaceutical industry with a duty due to its own sexual acts, but is it necessary to unit? The drug does not eliminate the causes of impotence, only in the period will return the withered “enthusiasm.” And the disease remains. In addition, there are many contraindications to the admission of substances that stimulate sexual function. This insect-allergy, renal deficiency, sickle-cell anemia, stomach sore, bleeding, deformity or disease of the sexual genital organ, and then according to the list.


Carefully think, first of all, rather than acquire the miraculous pill, it is necessary for young nations. Up to the age of 18, the body is still being created, it is in no way necessary to cause him the most chemical attack, the fact that in a young year and in the absence of Viagra, everything goes to 5 plus. Once again, the letter is what to trust to the tales of the same age, telling about 20 heroic deeds because of the night. Do they report? Suppose you tell me!


After the way of exciting substances, unpleasant secondary results are also likely. This sound is in the ears, leading to suffering, failure to breathe, irregular beating, redness of the personality, change of vision and nasal congestion. And look imagine for yourself: you are the whole of this kind of red-breathing, breathing and looking weakly teasing the woman of the heart. Unlikely unit given dreamily.


Prolonged use of Viagra is dangerously offset to the worse by the fertilizing ability of the ejaculate, excessive loading into the body of those who are suffering from mental illnesses, and also the appearance of a connection (in the case of using stimulants, in a single excellent period, excitement is simply not capable come). More dangerous than the free use of similar drugs is the desire to increase their influence by the synchronous use of other money. Having established a single product, the letter in which case it is impossible to swallow medications of a similar effect over days. It happens that the pill does not show the predicted result, and the individual, through two times, takes on another 1

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