Golden Rules For Simple Cooking

1. Invest in a right kitchen equipment.

A few pieces of good quality equipment will give you joy in preparing your meal and surely will provide you a healthy cuisines. (Kitchen Equipment)

2. Read the recipe at least twice before you begin cooking.

This will familiarize you with the needed ingredients, its preparation procedures and the series of steps to make.

3. Gather all the needed ingredients before you start cooking.

Before you begin, place all the ingredients on the counter. This habit will prevent the possible frustrations that will occur specially in the near completion of the recipe, that you found out that a crucial ingredient is missing.

4. Learn how to make a few recipes well.

Try to choose a few recipes and make them several times until you feel confident. Then, than confidence will lead to innovations, if you wish, varying the ingredients to create new dishes.

5. Simplify the amount of food being served per meal.

Recipe that is simple but nutritious promotes healthy living. For a nourishing and filling meal, only one or two items are needed. For instance, soup can be served with hearty bread or multigrain rolls, entrées with rice or noodles and salad with a soy beverage.

6. Supply your pantry with convenience foods.

Convenience foods or tertiary processed foods are foods which are designed to save consumers time in the kitchen and reduce costs due to spoilage. These foods require minimum preparation, typically just heating, and are packaged for a long shelf life with little loss of flavor and nutrients over time.

7. Prepare some ingredients in advance.

Preparing all the ingredients for a dish in advance, such as washing, trimming and chopping vegetables; setting out your spices and herbs, etc. Do it at the beginning of the day and the rest of the cooking will be a simple task.

8. Get help in the kitchen.

It’s a great benefit by inviting a family member to help in the kitchen. Children learn to love vegetables through the friendly and sensory experience of helping in preparing meals. With time, helping family members can create an entire meal with minimal supervision and they will appreciate leaving home equipped with some kitchen awareness.

9. Take some cooking course.

Learn to chop vegetables, handle a knife, and develop kitchen confidence will last a lifetime. You can find cooking courses that provide classes and lessons or improve your cooking with expert guides, techniques and tips, in cookware shops, some cookbook stores and even online.

10.Trust your insight.

The practice of cooking is not just a matter of reasoning it involves all five senses, plus your insight. When you ask oneself “Is it time to add the spices?” or “I wonder if the meat is already cooked?” use all your awareness, inside and out. But most of all, have fun, be creative and discover the joys of cooking.

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