How to Clean Fresh Squid

  1. Wash the squid with cold water. By holding the body with one hand and grasping the head with the other hand, slightly twist and pull the tentacles and innards from the body. Trim the tentacles. Cut and discard the innards (the ink sac is inside the innards). Ink sac can be used for other dishes; it is edible.
  2. At the base of the tentacles just above the eyes, there is a bony piece of inedible cartilage which is the squid’s beak. Squeeze the base to pop the beak out; remove and discard it.
  3. The body of the squid (or tube portion), contains an inedible thin, clear cartilage that looks like a plastic sheet. Pull it out and discard it. The outer skin of squid is edible. If you wish to remove it, use your finger to peel it easily. Wash the inside of the squid body under cold running water.

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