Coffee Cup

Ingredients :

coffee, freshly ground regular or decaffeinated
sugar, to taste

(Conversions For Cooking)

Cooking Procedures :

Measure coffee accurately, with coffee measure or standard measuring spoon. Suggested measurements for a cup of water are:
Weak – 1 tablespoon
Medium – 2 tablespoons
Strong – 3 tablespoons

As a general rule, use 1 standard coffee scoop (about 2 level tablespoons) of freshly ground regular or decaffeinated coffee to each 3/4 cup of water. Adjust this measurement to your taste and liking.

If you choose to use an electric coffee maker that drips the brew into a glass pot on a heating element, be sure to make only enough to be used within a few minutes. Otherwise the coffee will burn from sitting on the heating element. Or for longer keeping, immediately pour the coffee into a heated insulated pot. Avoid percolators or other pots that use too high a heat and boil – thus ruin – good coffee.

No matter what type of coffee maker you choose, be sure it is immaculately clean before brewing. Coffee leaves an oily film inside the pot that can taint the flavor of fresh coffee.

Milk added to coffee helps neutralize the acid in the brew and provides some nutrition. Heat low-fat milk in a saucepan or in a pitcher in the microwave, both to enhance the milk’s flavor and to avoid cooling the coffee. If you enjoy a richer milk, select whole milk, half and half, or a cream. Just leave that non-dairy stuff on the shelf. Although coffee tastes best without any sweetener, add sugar or a substitute to taste.

Don’t forget the possibility of serving iced coffee on hot mornings. Refrigerate a pot of freshly made coffee in an airtight container overnight for serving at breakfast. Serve over ice with cold milk and sweetener as desired. Or, fill glasses with ice cubes and pour hot coffee over it and stir. Using 2 tablespoons dry instant coffee per cup of boiling water.

ESPRESSO is made from dark, double-roasted beans that are ground to a fine powder. Authentic espresso can be made only in an electric or stovetop espresso maker where water is forced by high pressure through the coffee. Follow the espresso maker manufacturer’s instructions. Add a twist of lemon peel if desired.

CAPPUCCINO is espresso coffee topped with the thick foam that results from steaming milk in a machine that has a spigot for steaming. Make espresso in a large cup, follow the manufacturer’s instructions for steaming the milk, spoon the resulting foam onto the top of the coffee, and sprinkle with cinnamon or powdered sweet chocolate if desired.

CAFFÉ LATTE combines equal portions of espresso with steamed milk, topped off with the foam from steaming. Pour espresso into a mug or heat-resistant glass, pour in the steamed milk, sprinkle with ground cinnamon or sweetened grated chocolate if desired.

CAFÉ AU LAIT combines strong dark-roast coffee with milk that’s heated to just under the boiling point. Make a pot of coffee, heat milk in a microwave or in a saucepan, and pour the two into a cup or mug to taste, usually in equal portions.

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