Indian Recipes

A diverse range of much-loved Indian food recipes which were made easy for even the most inexperience cooks. I was able to recreate favorite dishes such as the Bombay Potato, Tandoori Chicken, Kashmiri-style Lamb, Korma Dhal and Spicy Kebabs.

Hope you will enjoy these classic recipes and healthy dishes in an authentic Indian-style from the creamy to the fiery dishes of Indian Cooking.

Tandoori Chicken Recipe

Chicken Tandoori

I got this tandoori chicken recipe from one of my Asian chicken recipe book. They said that tandoors from the word tandoori chicken, is a clay oven used in cooking and baking specialty foods at high temperature. Tandoor is used for cooking certain types of Afghani and Indian food such as this chicken tandoo[...]

Garam Masala

Powders and pastes are blend of spices, chillies, and herbs that are used as the basis of a curry. Traditional Indian households would blend individual spices as needed, but for convenience you may prefer to prepare a quantity in advance. Garam means hot and masala means spices. This mixture uses spices t[...]

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